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From cleanical skincare and makeup to high quality jewelry and some of my favorite bags, Stella & Dot empowers and supports independent woman everywhere using their social selling platform

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We are all divine creatures and it doesn't matter what you believe in; The sacred feminine, Jesus, Buddha, etc, I think there is space for all of us to create a little more magic in our lives by tuning into the elements of Earth, Air Fire and Water.

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Self Love

More than just a bath or a cup of coffee, self love is about joy and in some cases forgiveness. Check out some ways to love yourself more.

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Since 1993

A Message for Moms

You are Amazing!

You are doing a great job!

You are not alone!


As connected as we all are, it can still be easy to feel like you are alone in this "mom" gig.  You are not. You don't have to look like, own, do or parent like your friends or the people you see on line.

However you decide to mother is up to you, as long as you love your kids and don't harm or put them in harms way then you do you mom.

My journey, my life and my parenting may not be the same as yours but I fully believe that if we each share our voices and our light that we can lift each other up. We all deserve to be fully supported in our motherhood journey and in life.

May this page light you up.






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