For Real Life Pod

Welcome to the Pod.

For Real Life (FRL) Pod is a Bluey inspired podcast. I am one of the two hosts and the super Bluey fan. My co-host is my good friend Tori who is our Bluey novice. Together we will discuss the adventures of Heeler family. We’ll touch on everything from long dogs to chatter max, as well as pick our favorite parenting and laugh out loud moments each episode.

Also for those of you not living down under, we will decode any of the Australian terms used such as “brekkie, wheelie bin and trash chicken”.

Bluey is a kids show all about family, fun and imaginative play. We love it and we hope you enjoy listening.

New Episodes drop every Friday !! We try to keep the episode length to less than 30 minutes. Perfect to listen to while waiting in the pick up line at school, while on a quick run or while your hiding in the bathroom (cause we all need a break)

Current episodes are listed below. Click on an image to be taken to the main episode page.

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